Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bitter Melon for HIV - AIDS Treatment

Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is one type of vegetable which grows vines with tendrils spiral. The leaves shaped as fingers with yellow flowers and stems with fur rather coarse. Surface freckled fruit and taste the bitter fruit. These plants live in place that temperate heat, such as Asia, East Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 

People like to cooking bitter melon . not only used for side dishes, there are many other benefits provided by bitter melon trees to cope with various kinds of diseases. All parts of this plant has remarkable properties. Content of Substance Bitter melon contain albiminoid, carbohydrates and dyes. The leaves contain bitter substances, fatty oils, dammar acid, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1 and C which serves to keep the skin damage caused by the sting of utra-violet. This means bitter melon to prevent the emergence of black spots and wrinkles on the face. While its roots containing acid and acid momordial aleonolat. While the seeds contain saponins, alkaloids, triterprenoid, and momordial acid. In some countries, mainly Japan, Korea and China, as well as food, bitter melon is also used for treatment. 

Levels of calcium in the bitter melon is high, so as to increase production of beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. When sufficient insulin in the body, excess glucose can be prevented, so that the levels of glucose in the blood will be normal or be controlled. Phytochemical compounds lutein and lycopene in the bitter melon benefit as anti-cancer, antibiotic, antiviral, stimulating production of insulin, which balances blood pressure and blood sugar levels, appetite stimulant and repellent intestinal worms. 

Recently, Professor Lee-Huang of the University of New York also found a remarkable substance in bitter melon , namely anti-HIV-AIDS compounds. This substance called alpha-momorchorin, beta-momorchorin and MAP 30 (Momordica antiviral protein 30). This potent substance found in seeds bitter melon much older. In America alone, the capsule containing the seeds of bitter melon powder is commonly marketed. The drug is recognized to restrain the rate of growth of HIV-AIDS virus. Thanks to bitter melon therapy, the HIV-AIDS in Thailand and the United States seem more clinically healthy and her weight increased. No excessive presumably, if the experts in the medical world is optimistic in the next 10 years, will find drugs to combat HIV-AIDS. 

In addition, bitter melon is also used for the treatment of various diseases such as diabetes, cough, exterminator pinworms, boils, fever in puerperal women, bronchitis, anemia, stomach ulcers, liver pain, menstrual pain, rheumatism, body slimming, breast milk launched , nourish hair, remove scars, treat hemorrhoids, enrich the content, solve problems of skin disease, myopic night, reduce fever, and dysentery Amoeba.

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