Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Cellulite is adipose tissue under the skin and above the muscle. This tissue can initially be felt by pinching the thighs, as lumps or granules of fat in large quantities. When your weight down it will leave a mark in the form of white streaks that are often referred strechmark or orange peel. Cellulite reducing the aesthetics of the skin, especially for women if not covered with clothes.

Cellulite occurs because of poor diet, consumed pregnancy or birth control pills. Another factor that supports the occurrence of cellulite is rarely exercise, smoking, indigestion, constipation, stress, hormonal disorders, obesity. Foods to avoid among other things, sugar (including candy, chocolate candy, ice cream), fat, butter, margarine, high salt, caffeine such as tea, coffee.

Foods that can help prevent the onset of cellulite among which are:
Parsley leaf. Parsley contains chlorophyll which can help a lot of fat metabolism are transported in lymph flow.

Onions. Onions can serve to help the excretion of fluids from the cellulite tissue cells, thus helping to reduce cellulite is swollen due to fluid accumulation.
Swelling of cellulite is caused by the influx of fluid into the cell because of the content of proteoglycans compounds that absorb water into the cell.

Nuts, containing high protein, vitamin E which helps facilitate the circulation and burn body fat.

Pears can help increase metabolism.

Low-fat beef, containing conjugated linoleic acid that helps burn fat.
Skim milk, rich in calcium and conjugated linoleic acid which can help increase fat burning process.*
Source: Suara Merdeka – Korannya Jawa Tengah (31/10).

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