Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Felt-Tutorial] Chocolate Bar

My friends, if you are tempted by the chocolate on top? Hihi ... Do not you have thought it a real chocolate. It is the result of the creation of flannel, from the hands of artists.
Are you interested to make it too? Follow this tutorial!

Cut the flannel like the pattern, then follow the instructions, according to the picture.

The Pattern

Follow these instructions!


 If you do succeed, the result will look like this


  1. I most liked chocolate, but not the chocolate bar. To me a cup of hot chocolate is delicious to drink at night while writing , ngeblog. Is there a recipe to make a delicious cup of chocolate?

    Best wishes and always close handshake of Tabanan

  2. Haha ... This just toys, like chocolate. come back again someday, I'll write about the delicious chocolate drink recipes.
    Thank you for visiting.

  3. A really cool tutorial indeed. I was rather curious about the process of making it. It was not really looks like chocolate but it sure looks really cute for a decor.



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